Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Why is the system returning no offer after uploading? 


A: There are a couple of causes:  

  • The part is too large for the printer in one, two or all axis.  

Solution: If only one axis; try changing the “Print Axis” under the “Advanced Mode” tab. If multi axis; the part will need to be divided and printed in several components. Please send the original file and we will be able to help. 

  • The surface area is far greater than the part volume resulting in a complex and intricate part. 

Solution: If you send us the file by email, we will be able to quote manually. 


Q: What is your maximum print volume? 

A: FDM: X=400, Y=250, Z=500mm  

    SLA:  X=140, Y=140, Z=180mm (but this will soon be more) 


Q: What part tolerance can be achieved? 

A: The following are general tolerances where supports are not present. Please make us aware of any critical features where supports should be avoided before printing starts.

    FDM: A dimensional accuracy of ± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.5 mm 

    SLA:  A dimensional accuracy of ± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.15 mm 

Q: Are there any file size limitations? 

A: There are two upload dialogs. The first, (drag and drop) has a 20MB limit. If this does not work, the second upload dialog will prompt to upload your larger file. 


Q: Do you need a 3D model to be able to quote? 

A: With the instant quote tool, yes. .STL is preferred. Otherwise we can design a solution for you using 3D CAD and quote based on that. Sometimes you can find models that have already been created: Check a few of the source sites we have listed on our website: https://www.hexa-cubed.co.uk/3d-file-sources 


Q: Do you offer delivery outside the UK? 

A: We currently only trade within the UK, EU and EEA. 


Q: Do you have a site that can be visited? 

A: Unfortunately, not. We are a small e-commerce sole proprietorship and do not have a location that customer can visit. 


Q: Do you deliver locally? 

A: Yes, we offer a free “no rush” delivery within a 15-mile radius of Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK. 

Q: What are the different order process stages:

Awaiting verification by supplier:

Once an order has been sent through the system, the designs must be verified for printability with the chosen process and material.


This stage is to notify the customer that their designs have been checked and approved for printability, the customer can now proceed to place the order.


The order is now waiting to be printed, however prints will not be added to the print queue until payment is processed.


The order has left the print queue and is now in the manufacturing process. Customers will be contacted for approval to send, when the prints are finished and ready.

Awaiting collection:

This is only used when the order is awaiting collection from the delivery courier.


The order is in the process of making its way to the customer. (This is not a automated status but manually checked and updated by us)


The order has successfully been delivered to the customer. (Again, this is not a automated status but manually checked and updated by us)